Human, Self-preservation, Ethics

For the past couple of days, the concept of self-preservation is occupying my mind. I have been bombarded by questions like: when and how is self-preservation ethical? is it possible to justify any action or choice?

Human beings do not have exclusivity of this behavior. It has been proven that almost all living organisms exhibit this mechanism. This universal hallmark of life is simple and automatic for other living organisms with the exception of humans.

The concept should be simple enough since Oxford Dictionary define self-preservation (n.) as the protection of oneself from harm or death, especially regarded as a basic instinct in human beings and animals. Follow this definition, the choices/actions should be clear and simple. But what complicates the matter, ethics – concept of good or bad consequences, obscures what could be a clear choice/action.

Take for example dinner choice between steak or stir-fried vegetables, prehistoric human would not have any problem with a steak choice but present – day human would have to factor in a lot of things and think of the consequences. This is only using a simple example but try using it to the Ukraine crisis, abortion issue, nuclear bombing of Nagoya and Nagasaki, climate change, possible wild tiger extinction, artificial growth hormones, rescue dog, etc.

I could not give an answer to my questions perhaps nobody can.    




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