Monthly Archives: April 2014

As the saying goes,  “Life’s a journey not a destination so enjoy the ride.”

But how many times have we wondered on the “what ifs”, “could have been” and “should have been” in our life. Does it really matter to know them. It would not change where ever you are now nor would it change what you have now. 

The reason why your eyes are placed in your face is so you can look forward and not back nor side.




Leap of Faith

“There’s nothing to FEAR – but FEAR itself”, so goes a famous quote but sometimes it’s CONSEQUENCE that is holding us back from doing something. Nobody can deny that our actions would have an equal or opposite reaction, hence, we tend to weigh things before acting on it.

I would like to think that I can live my life using that quote but the truth is I still hold back and weigh in my options taking into consideration consequences.    

Then again, waking up every morning and breathing is a leap of faith that life goes on, no matter what one chose. Life/Love/Marriage/Sex/Relationship is a leap of faith.  

Here’s my answer to FEAR – a Leap of Faith. Hakuna matata – Que sera, sera 

A Male for Three Months

At some point and out of curiosity, we have all wondered how is it like to be the opposite sex. How would it feel having a body of the other sex?

Thanks to a company  that is still grappling with same-sex marriages, I was a male for three months and was scheduled for prostate screening.

It would have continued until i got a call from the office of my doctor about the insurance denying the claim for the pap smear i recently had. 

So after all the phone calls, I am now back to being a female in the system. The mix up started when my wife changed her status from single to married, her HR had assumed she’s married to a guy.