A Forty Earth Years Report Card

In no particular order, (probably in order of how I remember them) here are the things I have done before I turned the magic number forty:

– rode a 840m zip line (Asia’s longest dual zip line);

– took a white water rafting adventure;

– had a croissant breakfast at Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower, Arc d’ Triump;

– drank beer after walking around several platz at Munich, Germany;

– walked/climbed the Great Wall of China;

– saw sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia;

– saw sunset at Phnom Bakheng;

– hiked the North rim of the Grand Canyon;

– carried a 30lb python on my shoulder/neck;

– sang “It’s a Small World” while inside the happiest place on Earth at Anaheim, California;

– saw the longest inclined Buddha statue in Bangkok, Thailand;

– rubbed the belly of the Laughing Buddha statue in Hong kong;

– crossed the Oresund Bridge over the Oresund Strait in Denmark;

– walked the cobbled stone streets of Stockholm, Sweden;

– crossed the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie;

– made a stone pile at several temple ruins in Siam Reap;

– toured the Horseshoe bend in Arizona;

– experienced the eruption of a dormant volcano;

– watched traffic go by at Times square, New York City;

– explored several caves in China, US and Philippines;

– visited the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden;

– watched a Broadway musical (The Phantom of the Opera) in New York City;

– walked around Central Park looking for my lost mitten;

– volunteered at a fund raising event by the American Diabetes Association;

– saw the hanging coffins of Sagada;

– walked on the fine sands of Boracay beach;

– strolled Bourbon Street, New Orleans;

– became a member of the Philippine Bar;

– witnessed the caesarian procedure of my pet Pug (Selphy);

– saw the Banaue Rice Terraces;

– saw the majestic Mayon Volcano;

– toured the Sequoia National Park;

– toured the Everglades;

– rode the New York subway;

– strolled the streets of Amsterdam;

– witnessed the Dallas Comic Convention;

– saw a solar and lunar eclipse, blue moon, honeymoon moon and several meteor showers;

– dipped my feet in the Gulf of Mexico;

– experienced the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo (a dormant volcano);

– saw a replica of the largest pearl from the Philippines at the Houston Museum of Natural Science;

– saw the Hope Diamond;

– toured the National Mall, Washington D.C.;

– walked inside the Alamo;

– saw the Statue of Liberty;

– crossed the Golden gate bridge;

– saw the beautiful Chocolate Hills, Bohol;

– saw several sculptures by Auguste Rodin including “The Thinker”;

– walked on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”;

– saw a couple of white tigers in the Singapore Zoo;

– experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake;

– planted several trees;

– got stuck in the sticky world wide web;

– climbed the hills/mounds of White sands, New Mexico;  

– helped with the collection of donation for the victims of typhoon Haiyan;

– saw the Empire State Building and the Grand Central Station;

– saw the mighty Mississippi River with the steamboat Natchez rolling by;

– witnessed the transition from typewriters to computers;

– wrote several school papers with the help of a library card catalog;

– visited “Ground Zero”;

– used a corded telephone then a cordless one until it became a cellphone;

– used “LOL”, “:-D”, etc. in communicating with family and friends;  

– buried both my parents and my elder brother;

– did the big “M”;

– survived my welcome party to age forty.   


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