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Experiment 1 – Cyberspace revisitted

HYPOTHESIS: Is Cyberspace a human addiction?

After so much internal debate, I finally succumbed to this activity. What is out here? Who will listen/read? It has been a good seventeen (17) years since I rumbled in cyberspace. Back in those days, my rumblings were done in a website called MySpace (too bad I have no idea what happened with it).

Back in those days, everyone was drawn to this World Wide Web. It was the great unknown with all the promise of adventure. The almost unlimited possibilities and resources of the big wide open cyberspace is the new drug addiction.

After a couple of years, I took a break from my cyber rumbling but I did not kick the habit of being online. My addiction is always here inside me – only its of a different form.

Now, my rumblings want to come out. I know my rumblings here in cyberspace will have a life of its own and by putting out here, I may lose ownership over it.

Everyone will agree that the addiction towards this WWW will never leave anyone, it will only be remolded into another form. For this reason, I am here now rumbling. This will be here even after I am gone.

CONCLUSION: Yes, cyberspace is a human addition. Cyberspace rumbling (blogging) is a form of IMMORTALITY.